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I employ a girl in my shop and I recently asked her if, when she needs to take a pee, she would take a glass with her to the toilet. Oh, well… Chikashi Miyamoto - January 29, How the fuck is that incontinence? Sometimes I will pee into her cunt after I cum, usually in the morning. Can you get undressed slower, so I can enjoy it? Sometimes a bit sweet too. To make a woman squirt, you want to use your two middle fingers.

Is urination during sex common?

Pee On Me: My First Golden Shower

I have never peed on a girl or got peed on by a girl but i still find it erotic to go lay in the shower and pee on myself! But the urge to pee is killing but you cannot just get up go. Enter To Win Tickets! She jumps out of the shower and sits on the toilet in front of me and just goes as normal, no biggie. Which is why the debate has raged for so long. Is it okay to pee a bit during skipping?

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  1. She's so fucking hot. There are not enough Indian women in porn. There are over half a billion of them, and we can't get more than a couple in the industry? Maybe somebody needs to start a Patreon for recruiting Indian girls as pornstars.